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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Have you ever stood at a platform while a super fast train passed you by?
It doesn't end for a good 15 seconds
And those 15 seconds are enough to mess your hair up,
Gush breeze into your face.
And the speed infront of you sends your heart racing and your blood pumping.
And you find yourself being pulled along with it but you hold your ground,
Basking in the control you have over your feet.
Everyone steps aside, with their made up hair and flair dresses
Can't let the dust get in their eyes
The ground under your feet trembles and it almost feels unreal.
They watch you and think your crazy
But they don't feel the way you do
They don't know how to.
You close your eyes and you don't care
To be pulled or lifted in the air
You don't want control anymore.
The dust lifts, and the surroundings are unsettled...
And it's an adrenaline that you wish was within you
And just when you've made yourself comfortable
It's over.
The train has passed, the only sounds you hear are that of everything settling again
But you can't.
You can't settle like everything else.
Not when you've experienced that rush.
It was a rush within.
But now that it's gone, you feel empty.
It's too quiet.
And you look around and realise
Only you felt it. Only you lost it.
Only you would miss it.

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